97 Metagenomics Classifiers…

And growing… 

Below is a simple bibliography of metagenomics classification algorithms, built from the GoogleDoc I created some time ago (2015?) and now maintained over at Zotero. So far, I’ve identified 97 (!!!) papers that all are trying to solve the same problem: what is in this sample?

It’s pretty incredible – I wonder at how many newly minted PhDs are represented in this list. If I put a more skeptical hat on, I also wonder whether the community is chasing an classification-prediction asymptote, and whether we are well past the point of “Good Enough“. Should algo developers perhaps focus on other aspects of the question above (for example, what makes a database “good enough” and how does it affect the algo used for classification?). 

PLEASE NOTE: I know I’ve missed some references below – so please lend a helping hand and leave a comment here to point me to something I may have. I’ll add whatever paper you link to my Zotero bibliography and update this in the future.

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