This basically a personal blog focused on genomics and bioinformatics (mostly). It’s not intended to be anything more than that. It started because of a googleDoc I maintained for years that had outgrown it’s space. The document, “Metagenomics – Tools, Methods and Madness“, was started because there were (and continues to be) a constant stream of new algorithms and pipelines being published that all focused on the same problem: taxonomic classification (aka profiling) of microbiome samples.

In 2016 I noticed the pace at which these algos were being published was reaching a frenzied ridiculousness that I found nearly impossible to keep up with. So… the GoogleDoc was created to log new papers as I found them. It then grew to papers benchmarking these algos, standards for genomics, lists of companies in this space, and other relevant ‘omics “things” I found interesting and that were somehow related to microbial genomics. Other people I crossed paths with on Twitter found it interesting too, and starting adding to the document. There are close to 100 published pipelines just for metagenomics analysis now… it’s a bit silly actually (silly can / should be a good thing). 

Why am I moving it to Blogger WordPress and starting a blog? Initially my thoughts were to use this space as a placeholder for the original googleDoc content I created. You see, because I had edits opened (and then later only commenting, which still didn’t work) the googleDoc was “vandalized” by bots more times than I had patience for. So, I locked it down and the page has since sat relatively unchanged (since about mid-2018). This blog space and my (small, but growing) @Zotero group for metagenomics tools will be its eventual replacement.

I figured I’d also use this blog as a means to try my hand at blogging again – on topics in and around the genomics space. We’ll see if I actually find the time to do this of course – so no promises! 🙂 

In the meantime – feel free to join me on Twitter, follow me on Instagram, or drop me a line on LinkedIn. If you want to stay updated – feel free to subscribe to the blog using the form in the nav’bar on the left! 🙂  


— Jonathan